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Plastic Sun

I hope you all forgive me for taking a moment to quickly mention another side project of mine that has been occupying a slice of my time... an all new jewellery label, Plastic Sun!

Plastic Sun will be available online only (not in brick and mortar stores) as I will be starting my first year of university in February. The first range includes small stud earrings that are a combination of fun shapes, brightly coloured acrylic and alder wood.

I have also created a limited range of pastel watercolour pattern brooches, and am looking to add a pendant necklace option soon. Today I will be putting the finishing touches on my next set of designs - all I can say is SPARKLE MOTION.

Don't worry, Pannikin isn't going anywhere, in fact I have some grand ideas about what new and delightful items I'd like to create in 2013. If you'd like to view my evolving 'inspiration board' for Plastic Sun in the meantime, you can head over here.

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