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In luck

Eeeek! All that finger-crossing paid off today at the local market - just look at all the mini erasers and neat matchbooks we found! Above is my boyfriends haul. It's nice having someone who likes similar things that you can swap and share.

This is the inside of the 'Balmy Days' packet - mini matchstick erasers! We were pretty excited by the surprise. I'm also a bit in love with the Len's Lolly Bar matchbook below. The reverse lists all kinds of candy they sell... plus cigarettes. I had a laugh imagining little kids lighting up, but with those 'Fags' candy sticks instead (now called Fads). Actually, there is a scene in a Grandaddy clip with little girls pretending to be the band doing just that and it's amazingly awesome.

This is my haul from today. All of these erasers and stampers came from the same stall. The lady must have a huge addiction to collecting because there was a ginormous bucket full of Yowies and quite a lot of dolls too.

How great is this novelty flower pot eraser? The flower and dirt are the actual eraser, and the stem, leaves and pot are plastic. Even the sticker 'Care for Plant' rules x 100.

The only other find today, besides fresh bakery treats and a sneaky can of lemonade, was this little sewing basket. I'm totally nuts for these and have bought 3 so far. I didn't see how cute the lid was until the lady (from the same stall) flipped it around to find the price.

Oh, and before I forget to mention it, I will have a little stall at a pop up shop in Launceston on February 2nd. Details here. Hopefully I will see you there!

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