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Bridge to 10K

So, I think my calories are going to be a little higher than usual today. Not because I went off the wall at happy hour or anything, but this morning, I had a huge breakfast.. Engish muffin and peanut butter like usual (290 calories) and my Trop 50 apple juice (50), but I also had a glass of sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast (150) because I didn't feel like a banana as a snack. For whatever reason, that really threw me off. However, the rest of the day I've been good. Just had dinner and I'm at 1530. Considering treating myself to my Tastycake Sensables later which would put me at 1600. I can handle that.

(Sidebar, as I was writing this, I looked up just how many calories I should be taking in to lose weight. With my activity level and my weight loss goals, I'm supposed to be at 1787 for fat loss, 1384 for extreme fat loss. 1600 feels comfortable to me, especially since I'm planning on having a cheat day this weekend.)

Started Bridge to 10K this week... it finally hit me at Zumba the other night that I only have 2 months to train for the Tyler Run 10K that Laura and I are doing. I can't quite remember how long it's been since the last time I ran, but I'm pretty sure it was before Christmas. Which is also the last time I met with the trainer.. eep.

(Who, by the way, I had every intention of setting an appointment with next weekend but since the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl, I'm taking a trip home next Friday night so I can watch the game with the dad.)

Anyway, I did Week 1 Day 1 tonight, which is a 10 minute run followed by a 1 minute walk done four times. During my first 10 minute run, I got the worst stomach pains, like gas bubble pains. I was honestly ready to call it quits, but I kept going because you know me, who knows when I'll actually get it together and get my ass to the gym next.

So, I did 60 minutes.. 4.10 miles. Here I come, 10K!

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