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I should probably start doing this once a week...

This Week's Weight: 172.8 lb.
Last Week's Weight: 174.6 lb.
Week's Loss: -1.8 lb.
Overall Loss: 60.2 lb. (EEE!!)
Total % Loss: 25.8%
BMI: 28.8
BMI Change: 10

I have OFFICALLY hit the 60 pound mark. Woo! What a crazy feeling. I still don't look at myself like I'm 60 pounds thinner yet. I'm curious as to how people who have gastric bypass feel when they drop weight so quickly. It's taken me a year to get this far, but I feel like.. wow. When I see other people, it's hard to compare myself to them because I'm not used to this new body.

I'd love to see the 160s next Wednesday, but I promise I will not beat myself up if I don't hit them. Parke and I are going to work on staying on track 'till Christmas, so hopefully that's a good motivator!

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