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Megamind birthday, an extra hour, and new goals

Yesterday we had party #1 celebrating my little guy's 7th birthday. I had the party at a movie theater and the kids saw the opening of Megamind. Here is a picture of the cake - yummy strawberry shortcake - that I had ordered from a famous bakery called Portos:

The best part about the party, was that while the kids had a theater to themselves, each had reclining chairs, blankets pillows, lunch, drinks, movie popcorn, and a waitress at their beck and call, the adults had a full bar and food in the lobby. Some of the parents chose to leave and go shopping in Old Town Pasadena while the movie was going on. It was the perfect celebration and everyone had a great time.

So, that is one November activity done. A few more to go...

I love the fall time change and am loving the extra hour of alone time this morning while the family sleeps in!

With the sunrise being an hour earlier this week, I am so excited that I can begin my runs earlier in the day, and it won't be dark! So here are my goals for this week (in the topic areas that I list for this blog):

Healthy Happiness

to put together my training plan for the next few weeks (I need a plan!); to run at least 3 days this week and do strength training at least 2 days

Mom Missions

To help my little guy focus on being thankful; I will do this by having him write and send off the thank-you cards from his birthday party; we will also start a grateful list - his list of things that he is grateful for

Lawyer Limits

To complete my goals for the work week by Wednesday night; then I could have the holiday off!

Academic Ambition

To read my first running book - by Jeff Galloway; to have my little guy complete a few pages in the advanced math book that we are working on at home

Lady of the House

To take down the numerous Halloween decorations and set up my Thanksgiving home

I'm off to start the day with a fun trip to a harvest festival that includes a farmers market! A little bit for everyone :) And I will leave you with this silly picture of the little guy and me last Sunday at a scary pumpkin patch and the LA Haunted Hayride:

What was your favorite October activity? Happy November!

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Megamind birthday, an extra hour, and new goals + running book