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First work, then play!

I've arrived. In Hawaii. And I'm so excited! We have only been here 1 full day so far, but I am fully in vacation mode.

Here is our view from dinner last night:

Now you know why I am in vacation mode, right? :)

With regards to my goals for this week, I was successful in completing all but one. For my health goals this week, I have done well with my food and substituting the carb at dinner. I hope to do that more often over the next few weeks.

Training this week was not sticking to the plan. And I missed a couple of days of running while still at home. But now that I'm here, it's beautiful to run by the ocean. And today I will be surfing as well. So I'm still getting in the exercise :)

This week I hosted another birthday party for my little guy in his 2nd grade classroom. Here is a picture of him with the cupcake cake dessert. The army/GI Joe theme was his choice (I did not make this cake, not with all the craziness we had to do before we left for HI :)

Two of my other goals included finishing my book (which I am reading at the beach) and relaxing. Both of those will be accomplished here! Here is my relaxed face before going to dinner last night (it's not a clear picture because iPhone has no flash and I did not bring the cord to get pictures off my camera):

Last, my work goal was to say and show thank you's to those around me at work. I made a real effort to that at work this week. And in case I missed someone, I will bring back some Hawaiian chocolates to make up for it :)

Have a great weekend and rest before Thanksgiving!

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First work, then play! + surfing