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What to get Daddy for Christmas...

This year I'm taking a new approach on Christmas present buying for Daddy. Rather than thinking, searching and worrying about the perfect present for the boys to give him, I've decided they are old enough to do it themselves. So I took them into town, said they had a maximum of £3 each to buy a present for Daddy and let them loose.

They did think about it. They wanted to buy Daddy a new watch, which would have pleased Daddy very much except the type of watches Daddy likes cost just the teensiest bit more than the £3 limit.

So we searched a bit more and may I just stress at this point that they had no input from me - they were free to choose whatever they wanted for Daddy . Eventually the boys returned triumphant. So under the tree we are putting very beautifully wrapped up presents of a pair of bright yellow mirrored aviator glasses (possibly from the womens section) and a mankini.

Comedy Gold.

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