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My mild obsession with laundry

Regular readers may be aware of my mild obsession with laundry. I do at least one load of laundry every single day, without fail. If I can't get to a washing machine I find myself getting distinctly jittery. The day I saw the bottom of my laundry basket ranks up there with getting straight As at A-Level for 5 star super dooper days.

My obsession is reaching new heights. I found myself, in an idle moment wondering what advice I would give to my sons as they flew the nest, and was faintly disturbed to find that most of it revolved around getting their washing done.

So, reader, it is a big confession that I have to make to you. Because I don't have a CLUE what those little signs they put on clothes labels to tell you how to wash the clothes actually mean. You know the ones - a triangle with a circle in it or the square with a circle in it and a cross through it. I don't like it when they have have a cross through it, it normally means don't do something and the problem is I don't know what I'm not supposed to do. This may explain why Dave's favourite ever jumper is now dressing a 12 year old.

Clearly the sign with a big 40 on it means wash the clothes at 40. That sign is my friend. But what of the others? There must be one for don't put in the drier which, not having a drier, I don't have to worry about. But the rest of them? Does anyone actually know what they mean?

On a slightly different tack, I was unpacking some of our old baby clothes at the weekend and came across a helpful note: "12-18 months The Red Dungarees dye EVERYTHING pink, which is why despite having 2 sons you have a lot of pink 12-18 month clothes". Good to know don't you think?

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