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TubeTown Review - Updated - Dragons Lair Castle

They took pity on my boys. We reviewed the TubeTown Gingerbread House a while back and we loved it. Totally adored every single thing about it except that it was very, very pink. This wasn't cool for my boys. Apparently they are allergic to all pink things, which remains a shame for me who was starting to enjoy having something (anything!) pink in my house.

But one morning a courier man appeared and asked to do a swap. The Gingerbread House for the Dragon's Lair Castle. The boys were drooling as soon as they heard the word 'Dragon'. The pretty pink Gingerbread House was packed away and in its place was erected a castle. And what a castle. It's big, but not much more so than the Gingerbread House. It's taller, my 4 yo can easily stand up in it. There are windows and dragon's and doors to be velcroed together. It goes up quickly, comes down faster and packs away with not a whiff of a problem or swear word from the adult. All the things we loved about the Gingerbread House remain true in the Castle.

To really test it out we invited a few friends over. At one point there were 7 children under the age of 6 in the house (it was a little crowded and they did put the house on its side to make more room for everyone). More importantly, we didn't see the 7 children all afternoon, leaving the Mummys plenty of time to catch up with gossip and coffee. We've put the castle up almost every time any child has come over since and they have all loved it.

The Dragon's Lair Castle isn't available in the UK yet, but there are rumours that it will be soon - January or February from Toys R Us or ELC, price to be confirmed. But given how popular the Gingerbread Houses have been, I would say if you see one of these for sale, snap it up fast!

This is a sponsored post for which we received a Dragon's Lair Castle to review free of charge.

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TubeTown Review - Updated - Dragons Lair Castle + TIME