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Country Road Pt 1: Waroona Vinnies Op Shop Review

Tis the season. The season for weddings that is. And it was a wedding that took hubby and I back down to Margaret River a weekend ago. Having done Forrest Highway too many times to mention, we decided with a little time up our sleeves that it would make a nice change to take the back roads. My girlfriend Bec had told me that there were a few oppies along the way which I *hoped* hubby might be up or visiting.

I lucked in when we hit Waroona and Nath spotted a little antique store. It had all manner of boyhood collectables (think Noddy,vintage robots, cars) and so after a little 'man' time, I figured the Vinnies I had spotted earlier was then a no-brainer as far as "keeping the wife happy" is concerned.

Oh how I loved it! Even hubby was impressed. It's so cute and country. When we walked in we were greeted by rickety ceiling fans, lino flooring, warm staff and the local kitty.

It's only a small store, but there is a fair bit in it to be fossicked through. I was glad the men's section was worthy of Nath's perusal as it gave me enough time to even try some stuff on!

The store consists of two rooms - one for the clothing and one for the bric-a-brac and baby/toy stuff. The clothing area has stuff all around and whilst it is in a general sense of order (ie skirts, 16+, girls), I was glad I hunted through each section whether it took my fancy or not - because there is definite gold to be had in the areas you may not expect. I came up with a cool little pair of mock-snakeskin Sportsgirl flats for $3!! Honestly, the shoe prices here are ridiculously amazing - I didn't spot anything for over $4 and there was a nice little selection including some vintage numbers (oh how I wished they were my size!)

I also picked myself up a brand new black Emerson top for $2 and a black Nanna skirt for $4 - even Nath came away with a new shirt for golf for a measley $4. I really enjoyed hunting through the dress section because there is a fair bit of untouched vintage and retro gold. I tried on a beautiful retro red & white dress which on the rack took my fancy but when on, I was in love. I was stoked when Nath stated he liked it too (I must take him on holidays more often!). Of course I came away with that for $5.

So after thoroughly going through the clothes, we both headed into the bric-a-brac area which is just as cute and just as worthy of a real hunt. Not before I had a little chat and cuddle with this little cutie - but don't get sucked in, this puss gets fed quality tuna as she still has everyone taking pity on her being abandoned many a year ago. Clever cat!

Op Shop Rule No 25: Get Off the Beaten Track
I've been chatting with a couple of peeps now who do this, and that's to make the time whilst out and about on weekends or holidays to specifically go and seek out new oppies. Leisa from Vintage Bird Girl is always posting about her weekend adventures sussing out new ones (or revisiting old faves) whilst spending some driving and exploring time with her man. Casey, the recent October Thrift Files Winner (and talent behind Three Birds Vintage Cake Stands) does exactly the same - heads out of the city to investigate other towns and other stores.

So, after doing the country thing myself, I have to say it's a great idea to pack a picnic lunch and hit the road to explore places (and oppies) you haven't seen. You never know what you'll find and who you'll meet.

The bric-a-brac room truly holds some long forgotten treasures which were just crying out for a new home: I picked up retro salad servers, retro cannisters, a vintage tablecloth and some vintage & retro pillow cases. Joy!

There is a neat little selection for babies all in pretty good condition too from what I could see. There is also some of your more general bric-a-brac in here too and many of the other patrons were here picking up some bits and pieces for the household.

One other thing I have to mention here too is the staff. At the time we were there, there was only one lady manning the till and another out the back steam ironing some of the donations and they were both so lovely and welcoming. It really added to the country charm of this place. My thoughts are that there is often the possibility that small country stores like this can just be left to run itself if you know what I mean. But this oppie oozes charm and pride.

And I always knew it was worthy stop when the total sum for all of my and Nath's goodies combined was under $20.

Although I think his pick of Amityville Horror 3D for his 'holiday reading' could have stayed behind ;)

K xx

ps for a little history on the oppie itself, head over to the Vinnies March 2012 newsletter here.

Go For: Good ol' fashioned country service
Try Another For: Work/Business clothes

Vinnies Waroona Centre
99 South Western Highway
Waroona WA 6215

Open: Mon-Fri 9-3pm / Sat & Sun Closed

While the Vinnies are continuing their call out for more donations for their op shops nationwide, they've also given us some damn good reasons why. For instance, did you know that every year the average Australian woman under 30 years buys 102 articles of clothing? And with the increase in throw away fashion, these items are ending up in our landfill which as we all know, is having an enormous negative effect on our environment. Check out the Vinnies social call out on recycling and protecting our environment, as well as the best ways to donate your unwanted goods today here.

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Country Road Pt 1: Waroona Vinnies Op Shop Review + Western Australia