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And So This Is Christmas - What Next?
You Got That At An Op Shop?

Yep it's already Christmas Eve. Where on earth did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I sat down at my little computer, wine in hand, pondering what to do with all my gathered (and gathering!) op shop knowledge and now all of sudden it's December and I'm wishing you lovely readers a Merry Christmas!

I've so enjoyed being able to channel my inner most thoughts and musings around the life of a thrifter; and to have it so welcomed by others out there. It seems that no matter what reason you choose to op shop, you are a wonderful community - and a community that seems to keep growing.

You Got That At An Op Shop?

Likewise, the opportunity to be able to interact with you through the blog & facebook/twitter pages has been great fun. I do hope you feel the same way about chatting to your fellow thrifters too (not to mention bragging about your finds along the way!). So, what's next for 2013?

Reviews. Don't worry, they will keep on a'comin! And they're going to be coming at you with a slight difference... . I've got a HEAP of people for you to meet. Yep, the reviews are going to feature interviews with the people that make the oppie what it is; and I've already got over a dozen people lined up so far!!

You Got That At An Op Shop?

You'll get a 'behind the scenes' look into the life of op shop staff & volunteers along with their tips, suggestions and best finds - as well as the review itself. Oh, if you work in/for an oppie and would like to be interviewed or know someone who would be great to chat to, be sure to email me!

Op Shop News. Monday night will remain your night to find out what's happening during the week and where to score the best bargains. Remember, if you see something out there you think others should know - be sure to tell me!

You Got That At An Op Shop?

The Thrift Files. They will still be running and while you'll still have the chance to win yourself some op shopped goodies that I've picked up along the way, you never know, perhaps some op shop vouchers could be up for grabs too!

Guest Bloggers. I'm definitely not the be all and end all on thrifting (well... . haha) but many of you out there are just as queenly as me when it comes to doing it right. And so I've got some fabulous peeps lined up to chat to you about their own thrifting experiences. Sharing is caring right?

Meet Ups. Some of you like to thrift alone, but some of you like to thrift in packs! So, I thought why not extend the invitation every now and then to join me on oppie adventure or two? It could always culminate in a wine or two afterwards haha.

Secret Squirrel Business. There just may be some plans in the works with a few very special people in the thrifty world to bring you even more bang for your oppie buck. Sssshhhh... .stay tuned for that one.

Well, that's about it. Hopefully that whets the appetite a little? So for now, I wish you all a most love and laughter filled Christmas and spectacular New Year. Remember re-gifting any unwanted pressies to your local op shop will be more than welcome. What is it they say? One man's trash is another man's treasure?

Merry Christmas!
K x

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And So This Is Christmas - What Next? + you got that at an op shop