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the deceased estate sale

This morning was a lot of fun. Nothing is more exciting to me than waking up early, checking the online newspaper to plan a garage sale route and heading off on a walk in the cool morning air, through parts of the neighbourhood you'd never usually visit with an empty backpack and small change. The rummaging is actually the best part, of course!

We visited our first ever deceased estate sale today and boy do I wish we turned up on time. Just as we arrived I saw a man paying for a huge box full of 1940's childrens books and annuals. Jealous! The mister isn't fond of these cups and while I have a strange attraction to them I won't be keeping them - I'll tell you where they wind up soon!

We bought so many cool things, more than what we would usually pick up at an opshop and for much less too. I am sad thrift stores are so overpriced these days. Lucky we are able to search through them 3-4 times a week in different areas, depending on our errands.

After arriving home from our collecting mission, I made the two of us toasted cheese/tomato sandwiches for lunch (perfect for cloudy days like today) in the frying pan as we don't own a sandwich press. We now dub these delicious treats 'panwiches'. The rest of the afternoon has been spent photographing new things for the shop.

Above is my hand painted wooden mouse wall hanging. These measure 20cm wide and are simply attached to the wall with 3M tape. The wall hangings came into being after my wonderful friend Liana requested larger versions of my brooches made from my childhood drawings, so she could display them in her own home. I'll have share photos of them in their new happy environment for you soon.

I am crossing my fingers that my copy of Find & Keep by super-talented-and-really-nice-lady Beci Orpin arrives next week. I'll probably squeal and pull an awkward mid air jump kick when I find it in my mailbox.

Are you looking forward to receiving anything in the mail soon? (I was given something REALLY nice yesterday - can't wait to share here tomorrow)

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