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Spooky Scribes Challenge - set by George at Asda

All Hallows Eve. A night that fills me with dread, horror and fear. Mainly of the gangs of ganets grabbing handfuls of sweets without a thank you in sight (should be said that at least two of the filthily behaved ganets are my children), followed by weeks of trying to vaguely monitor the sugar intake and failing leading to a vomiting episode and/or more filthy, manic, deranged, glucose fuelled behaviour. Yes, Halloween top of my grumpy Mummy list.

George at Asda asked if we'd join their Spooky Scribes challenge my first thought was obviously 'NOOOOO - I'm not doing Halloween this year - bah humbug and Grumpy Mummy rules' but then I had a glass of wine and thought I'd ask the boys if they fancied getting dressed up and writing a Halloween story. Hell, Yeah! was the reponse (or would have been if they knew they'd get away with it)

So to get us in the mood - here is a picture of my spooky scribes - kitted out courtesy of George at Asda Halloween range.

Luke's Halloween Story

It was Halloween night and a boy went out of Halloween places out of the city. Then he found a haunted castle saying 'DANGER'. He found a wooden door and the boy thought it was haunted so he ran into the woods and climbed from tree to tree and the vampire and the Wolf Captain saw him and they chased after him. Then they were trying to get to the boy on top of the tallest tree he could find and the vampire and the Wolf Captain saw him and they chased after him. They they were trying to get to the boy on top of the tallest tree he could find and the vampire and the World Captain were very angry. Then because they were so angry they called the ghosts to fly up to the tallest tree to get the boy. The boy ran out of the forest and he ran back into the Halloween streets. He didn't notice that behind him all the vampires and all the wolves were chasing him. When they got to the Halloween Street everybody threw their pumpkins at all the vampires and the werewolves. They they all lived happily ever after. THE END (dictated to me and with pictures which I will upload soon)

Adam's Halloween Story (the spelling is all his own)

IT was Halloween nite and a girl was going around and around people houses for trick or treat but then she lost her way back home and she just started to wunder off into a graveyard. And just then she saw a grave strone and there was a sckulls head on the gravestone and there was blud dripping down from the sckulls head. Just then sumthink caut her eye and it was treshur! When she opend the box and it let a grate big smelly smell and then the sckeletons woke up! And she didn't see them and just then they gobbled her up but this particularly strong girld and she punched her way out of the sckelton and that is what she did to all the other sckeltons until all of them were gone and then she remembered where to go to get out of the graveyard and she rememberd the way to get home and she went back home with a song in her heart and she skipped back home and she lived happily ever after. THE END

I love these stories. Particularly the bits about throwing pumpkins at the Captain Wolves and also skipping home with a song in her heart. I'm so proud of my boys spooky scribing. So thank you to Asda for asking us to join in, we had a ball.

Asda's challenge was for us to write a short Halloween story loosely based around a Halloween costume. All participants will be included in a commerative book and receive a £20 Asda voucher. The post with the most comments will receive a £50 voucher. They sent us a costume and some face paints and asked that we include a link to their Halloween costume page in the post.

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Spooky Scribes Challenge - set by George at Asda + love