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Just some things I picked up

Saturday now equals estate sale day, garage sale day and car boot/church fundraiser day. We don't have a car (yet!) so we just go to those in our neighbourhood. Today we scored 6 events but had to stop because my new Doc Martens were giving me blisters thanks to my far-too-sensitive feet. Anyway, here is some of what I picked up:

Floral cassette case (that's what they are for, right?) Going to pop my crayons and glitter pens in it.

Pretty handmade floral sheets and tablecloth.

Brand new Tokyo souvenir spoon (still in its plastic wrap and case) as well as a Kiwi NZ spoon. Might have to keep these guys!

A lady gave this little plastic case to me for free! So nice :-) I also had a really good little chat with one of the older ladies at the deceased estate sale - she seemed to know what was 'in' fashion wise and mentioned she liked my (painful) shoes.

Also scored: a green Tupperware container for sorting my various crafty bits, 6 hole muffin tin and new red/white polkadot cupcake wrappers.

After hanging out my washing, I spotted some new flowers (the yellow ones). Of course, they would be regarded as weeds as they were simply growing wild on the lawn, same with all the other flowers but I really like these blooms. We haven't mown our grass once since moving here in June and now that it is Spring we have lots of little unexpected plants.

The little blue flowers are my favourite. They look almost fake, like they are plastic or even made from sugar!

Today I plan to tidy the house (it looks bigger when everything is packed away) and make some more collages.

Too bad this guy is sold out. Love him! Other good stuff available though.

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Just some things I picked up + weeds i like