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The Blue Door - Vinnies Willetton Op Shop Review

What better way to celebrate National Op Shop Week than to (a) donate to an op shop and (b) well der, go op shopping!

Inevitably with the continuation of unpacking the new house, I've come across some more items that would be better suited to a more loving home, so I paid both my little fave Bentley Red Cross and my new local Good Sammy's South Lake a visit and donated some goods. I tell you, I've then enjoyed seeing my items displayed and ready to go to their new owners!

I also took myself off to the Vinnie's on High Road in Willetton as I hadn't been there in a while and thought it was time to see what was happening in that neck of the woods. I actually like to call this road "The Golden Mile" as you'll find the Salvos, Good Sams, Anglicare & Vinnies all in one spot - practically next door to each other. Although unfortunately on this latest visit, I noted that Anglicare had since gone :(

I hadn't done a Vinnie's review for a while, so decided I would limit myself to this particular oppy only. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about the Vinnies stores. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with them, just the majority of them that I have visited (apart from the Retro stores), have been a little Arsenic & Old Lace for my liking.

I was happily corrected on this visit! I'm not sure if all Vinnie's have had an overhaul or if this one is a one-off, regardless, it's a shining star! It looked funky, it was colourful, it had awesome labels (brand new Country Label skirts for $4.50??) and the staff were super friendly too. Straight up I headed to the amazing spring colour shoe display and wouldn't ya know it, I managed to find myself a barely warn pair of black leather ballet flats from Betts - for a whole $6. Mum, I tell you, you can never have too many black shoes!

Following the store around to your left are more shoes as well as a selection of ?new doonas/rugs at great prices and then of course, some delightful bric-a-brac. There was a selection of knick knacks at various prices and it's here I found myself another china plate for the plate wall, for $7. It's soooo purdy!

I must mention, when I first entered the store, I came across the donation bins inside, with a clear message about electrical goods not being accepted. This leads me to:

Op Shop Rule No 19: If Unsure, Ring First! My lovely Mum has recently had a spring clean of her house and we finally convinced her to rid herself of her old spare boxy tv, and to go with something a little more slimming. Mum decided she would donate the tv to her local oppy, but had the good sense to ring first. Nope, her tv was not what they sell. I think I've mentioned that the oppy I volunteer at doesn't accept electrical goods, however I've seen these type of goodies at Good Sam's in Freo and Earthwise in Subiaco.

Obviously the decision to sell or not to sell electrical is an individual store decision, so save yourself the unnessary trip by ringing the store first. Pretty simple really!

After this, you can move on towards the jewellery display and then you hit the counter, which features some collectable jewellery & china... Given I had already popped up on the counter my shoes, plate & a little white Witchery blouse number ($6.50 - eeeeee!), I decided I better not linger too much on this section - I still had another 3/4 of the store to go!

Once you pass the counter, you'll find the book section. Initially I was going to bypass this area, but then a book caught my eye that had been in discussion the night before with hubby & Mum.

Nath and I had recently seen a preview for the upcoming movie "Life Of Pi" and whilst agreeing we were definitely going to be seeing it when it comes out (Jan/Feb 2013 if you're keen!), we all chatted about having seen the book for years, but never reading it. And then, there it was - for a glorious $4. Thank you book fairies! I was actually quite impressed with the book collection all up, there were some great new-ish novels, and a heap of biographies which caught my attention too.

Zooming around clockwise again you'll weave your way over to the men's section, which is not huge, but there is definitely a selection for you guys out there. Possibly not really in shoes though.

Then it's on to the kids clothing section which I thought again was really good. It's broken down into babies/toddlers on the wall and bigger kids/teens in the middle of the room. I picked up Mr Snuffles (aka Luka) a little moustache t-shirt that is prolly a little big for him right now, but too cute to pass up!

There's another selection of bric-a-brac again, more in the range of plastic and tupperware and I spotted a Noritake baby feeding set for $6!! There are some other smaller displays dotted throughout the room of bits of bric-a-brac too. These are probably more along the lines of glassware and pressie/gift ideas (yes, Christmas is worth thinking about already!). I did also manage to get myself four plate hooks, which are a rare commodity at my local hardware stores, for $1!!!! I cleaned the store out of those I can tell you!

Now to the clothes - they are generally all in the middle of the store and on the surrounding front & side walls; t'shirts, shoestrings, pants, jackets, new stock, 2 piece suits, dresses - it's all here. As I mentioned before there are some cool labels dotted around the place, although the only disappointing offering was a truck load of Millers. But I'm sure it's a great pick for some. Haha, when I took the rest of my loot to the counter, both of the ladies commented on the variety of items I'd scouted.

I must admit I don't think I've ever come away from an op shop with something from nearly every section!! I came away with a little for me, a little for others and a lovely op shop trip all up.

Obviously my suggestion would be that if you're going to come and visit this store, be sure to add a little extra time to your hunt and do the other two oppies while you're there. I know I will! K x

Go For: A new vibe + women's shoes + books
Go Elsewhere For: Men's shoes

Vinnies Retail Centre
Unit 1/153 High Road

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm / Sat: 9am-4pm / Closed Sundays

We cross over to the Sunshine State to say a big congrats to Leisa for winning the first You Got That At An Op Shop?! Competition! Leisa kindly shared her story, on the first item she remembers as having got her hooked on thrifting;

"My very first op shop find was a pair of Levis 501’s in 1989 when I was 15, just when 501’s were really popular. I thought I was so cool to find a pair for a few bucks, & I wore them to shreds. It’s kind of funny that I bought them with my best friend Jess, who still remains my op shopping partner to this day. It’s always so much fun sharing the thrifting adventure with a like minded friend, except it’s often a race to an item as we are drawn to the same things!"

I really loved that Leisa started her thrifting adventures with her bestie - and continues to do so. Well done Leisa, and thank you so much for sharing your story! Kel :)

Ps you can read all about Leisa's vintage, retro & op shop adventures at Vintage Bird Girl xx

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