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Review: Interflora

I can't resist a bunch of flowers. Who can? Particularly if they are surprise flowers, flowers that you aren't expecting. I do remember one time looking out of our window and seeing the Interflora flower van driving down our street and thinking to myself 'oh that lucky person'. When our doorbell rang you could have knocked me down with a very, very light thing. It was the one and only time my husband has ever bought me flowers and being unexpected just made it so much sweeter*.

Then I was offered the chance to arrange a surprise flower delivery to someone. Anyone I wanted.

Choosing who to send the flowers to was the easy part. Choosing what to send was more difficult. Something beautiful and classy like orchids? Not this time. A very happy hour pottering around the Interflora website and I found I'd fallen in love with the Autumn Flower range. Something so vibrant, so lovely, so vivid about autumnal colours. So I went for this. Don't you think they are gorgeous? They look just as magic on her kitchen counter as they do here.

*note to husband: just because you have sent flowers once it doesn't mean you need never ever do it again. Just in case you were thinking along those lines. Interflora do a very good same day flower delivery service which means you stand a fighting chance of getting them to me in time for our wedding anniversary on Sunday. Just saying.

This is a review post for which Interflora sent a friend of mine the above bouquet (valued at £39.99) with no charge to me.

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