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Electric Blue - Vinnies Bassendean Op Shop Review

As you know by now, I am never one to pass up the opportunity to investigate an op shop I haven't been to. So when a wonderful client of mine stated that she had an amazing op shop right around the corner from her home, I took the chance to check it out on my break.

This particular client of mine is a wonder of a woman. She has been to absolute hell and back on her journey of life, and lived to tell the tale. I'm always in awe of her flamboyant (op shopped) style and the air in which she carries herself despite the rough road she has travelled. Hey, she's almost my op shop mentor!!!

So, in order to discover where she gets her fabulous style, I went off to discover the Vinnies Bassendean op shop.

I'm not too familiar with Bassendean I have to say, and I'm not too sure if where I parked and wandered is even considered the 'heart' of Bassendean, but what I saw was pretty darn cute. I knew it was gonna be a good thrift when I pulled up outside the local church and saw there was an op shop attached (unfortunately not open though). Oh, but Vinnies was.

Now, at first when I stepped into the store, I was a little hesitant. All my old thoughts about some Vinnies oppies came flooding back to me and I almost backed out and hit the other oppie across the road. Again however, I remembered my own op shop rules about not judging books by covers, giving the little guys a chance etc and marched on in.

And I'm so glad I did!

This particular oppy is a fairly small one, but I think it's a little untouched one too. Immediately when you walk in the door you'll be hit with the standard Vinnie's set up of clothing first, generally on racks in the middle of the floor, as well as some on the sides. I saw a skirt rack offering 'buy one get one free' and was just a little excited. And I came across a wonderful nanna-skirt** that I thought "yeah, I'll come back to that one"... .

And that's where the next op shop rule fits in;

Op Shop Rule No 21: The Pick It Up, Put It Down, Think About It, Pick It Up Again and Then BUY IT Rule

I'll explain this one howeer I'm sure as you're reading you'll start to understand it because I believe you've probably been here too. You know the moment when something catches your eye and you pick it up and think about how fabulous it is and then put it down and say to yourself "hmm I'll think about that one" and you possibly go back to it for one final look and again weigh up the pros and cons and then leave it? Only to be plagued by your op shop inner voice telling you that was a stupid thing to do? Yah, don't let that voice get the better of you. If you see something you like, just bloomin' well get it.

Chances are if this is happens to you in an op shop, then wasting money possibly won't be too much of an issue due to the low price in the first place. But there is an even bigger chance that if you do leave it to come back to, it'lll be snatched up by another thrifty shopper leaving you even more annoyed. So just buy it!

And so I left that beautiful skirt on the rack for the rest of my shop, and even when I looked back at it longingly later on as I was leaving the store, I STILL left it there. And it has haunted my dreams ever since. Sigh... .

Anyways, after going through the skirts I went straight to the back of the store to the bric-a-brac section. On first scan I thought perhaps I wouldn't be too lucky but how wrong I was. Not only did I come away with my green Nallyware sugar container (now housing our oats!) I also came away with my first pre-loved Bessemer platter for $4.

Bessemer has always been something I've spotted on my travels, but never really been on my radar to buy. I don't know what captured my attention with this particular platter, but I know I was desperate to get my hands on one due to the fact that one of my favourite English ones has gone missing since our house move (amongst a few other things... grrrr) so again, I picked her up, put her down, and then picked her up again for re-homing. Yay! A little insider tip, if you're keen on grabbing yourself some Bessemer this Chrissy, be sure to visit I Love To Op Shop's Christmas Market!

There was a little table set up with some bric-a-brac at discount prices, which was great to fossick through. I think this op shop is one to find some great treasures, in great pre-loved condition - so don't take one look at this section and write it off, get in there and give it a go.

Further down the back there is a small men's section, which to be honest had quite a few (older) guys rummaging through, but the ladies and kids really do have it at this store I have to say.

There is something for every lady here; shape, size, age, style. It was here that I found my retro Sportscraft bird sundress, right next to my khaki green Piper dress, both for $6; a little from this decade, a little from another. The current is mixed amongst the yesteryear, so it pays to go through each rack in this op shop. And the prices are pretty great I have to say.

I was also quite impressed with the offerings for kiddies too and picked up my 11 year old niece, Sascha, quite a few trendy tops from some independent labels as well as some department store labels like Pink Sugar. She's getting quite a haul of op shopped clothes in the mail this week from her Aunt! Again, the prices are affordable and pleasing ($2 girls tops - yep!)

I didn't see much in the way of collectables (Vinnie's op shops tend to feature them on the counter, below glass) but I did pick up hubby an egg cup (hey, I gotta bring something home for him!).

I had a great old chat with staff here, as my assistance was sought to work the eftpos machine (hehe) and to be honest, their loveliness just capped off my visit.

All in all I did pretty darn well for a mid-week thrifting adventure and came away with another 'feather in my cap' as far as checking out somewhere new.

This store is a great little one which definitely needs exploring if you're out this way - and I will spruke that there is a Salvos across the road as well as the 'Benefit Shop' attached to the local church up the road; which could make for a lovely day of thrifting. And of course, Guildford is a hop, skip & a jump away for all you vintage & antique lovers.

Now all I'm waiting for is my next opportunity to get out that way and just check if that darn skirt is still there!


Go For: Ladies, Men's, Undiscovered Treasures
Try Another Vinines For: Men's, Shoes

Vinnies Bassendean
11 Old Perth Road
Bassendean WA 6054
Open Hours: Mon-Fri 9-4pm / Sat 9-1pm / Sun Closed

**For those of you who aren't sure what I mean by nanna-skirt I'll explain my take on it; its the sometimes gawdy printed, pleated skirt that comes to just below your knees and generally has a 'drop waist' type panel before it hits the pleats. Oh, and an elasticated waist band.

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Electric Blue - Vinnies Bassendean Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop