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Ruck Rover

When I visited my Dad in Perth last November, he kindly drove me to heaps of different places and stores he thought would interest me. Top of my list was Ruck Rover in Northbridge, and I'm pleased to say it didn't disappoint!

Brooches by my hero, Beci Orpin.

I really like the look of that green, white and black pattern dress.

Claire and Isabelle (the marvelous minds behind the store) actually moved their lovely shop a little while ago, and are now located at 242 William Street, which isn't too far from their old store in the same suburb of Northbridge.

Anke Weckmann wallet for Poketo.

If you don't live in WA or can't make the trip to visit them, why not pay their online store a visit? With cute stationery like this, and earrings like these, I'm quite sure you would find something perfect for yourself or that deserving friend.

All photographs by Jelena Maticevic

This post is the 8th in a weekly mention of all the lovely stores that stock my work. Please do note though that I am not biased, I have been fans and friends of these shops (and their shopkeepers) for a long time and I wholeheartedly recommend you visit them and support them!

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