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Sometimes I think I have excellent taste. People tend to disagree with this declaration on occasion, especially when it leads to my 'adopting' of strange and mostly terrifying old toys. Anywho, I'd like you to meet Checkers!

Checkers is no ordinary door snake! Seriously, how can one resist such ridiculousness? The mister likes hiding her in the cupboards and under the sheets for me to find and get spooked out. Does anyone else get weirded out by certain toys? Those old Chatter Phones especially give me the willies!

Anywho, I best make this a quick post, as I have quite a bit of work to catch up on! I spilled tea on my laptop on Friday night and the keyboard/track pad won't work anymore. Today I bought a new keyboard which is doing the trick but now that I can type and click I have oodles to do!

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