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Sealed With A Kiss - Good Sammys Fremantle Op Shop Review

I’ve always been a fan of Good Sammy’s stores, I think they’ve really nailed how to do it well – lots of clothes to choose from (including their higher end “Golden Seal” range), great quality & collectable bric-a-brac and realistic prices (ie it’s a blanket price for all women’s knitwear). So I was pretty excited when Mum and I arrived at the Fremantle store... find it was THREE stores in one! Yes, you read correctly there’s a shop for clothes/shoes, a shop for bric-a-brac and a shop for books/toys/games and they’re all situated in the same complex on High Street in Fremantle. Fabulous!

Obviously, as a couple of gals, Mum and I hit the clothing store first. It’s jam packed with goodies for all ages – so Mum veered to the coat section and I hit the Golden Seal collection. It’s been great to go op shopping with Ma as it has given me a better insight into what other, hmmm how should I put this, “generations” (?), are op shopping for! I’ve discovered Mum is definitely a shopper for clothes that are versatile and with longevity to them. Which is different to the way I op shop – that is to look at labels first in the tops/blouse/knitwear sections, head to the shoes and then hopefully come home with something from the bric-a-brac section - or something similar.

So when she came up with a black faux Burberry overcoat for $6, I was impressed with her search criteria - and results! She isn’t a spendthrift (that hasn’t worn off on me unfortunately) and what she buys, she buys to keep for more than one season. Good advice really. And whilst I didn’t come away with anything from the clothing section, I did pick up my Midas shoes for $6 and a Rip Curl shoulder bag for my niece’s upcoming 11th birthday. Ahhh, I remember the days of yore when surf brands were the only labels I insisted on wearing... oh how my tastes have changed!
I have to put in here too that the staff in this section (and the other sections aswell for that matter) were really, really lovely. I could hear them nattering away to other customers as we fossicked and they were just so upbeat and welcoming, it was a real pleasure to be in the store. So onto the next section, which was the book/games/toys area.

WOWSERS! This place is a veritable library! Forget your commercial bookstores people, get yourselves to this place! Given I already have 15 odd books at home that I haven’t read yet, I resisted temptation to get stuck into browsing as I knew it would probably result in me having 35 unread books at home.

So I went for a wander into the toy area, aptly named “Sammy The Seal Sea Palace”. Again, forget the department stores, bring the kids here. There is so much to choose from and some really great quality to pick out, which I’m starting to discover, is a rare commodity. Yep, here come’s my:

Op Shop Rule No 8: Please Refrain From Donating Grotty/Broken Kids Stuff!

One thing I’ve noted since starting my vollie role at my local oppie, is that donations of toys can be really more miss than hit. I understand that people donate unwanted toys with the best of intentions, but no one wants to purchase a game or jigsaw with bits missing or, more often than not, toys still covered in grime/chunder/baby slob. And where I am volunteering, this stuff doesn’t even hit the shelves as the general thought is "why would anyone want to buy an item with those faults?".

So all this wasted stuff goes in the bin – and it’s a lot of stuff at the end of my (only) four hours a week that sees the bottom of the skip rather than the shelves.
As all you fellow op shoppers know, you buy things with the complete understanding of it being second hand, but still, something covered in poop is not what anyone is looking for. If you really want to do the charities a favour, please at least attempt to wash the clothes or plush toys – the next family that gets them will love you for it.

So, back to the toy section - I was so in awe of this section that I, uncharacteristically, came home with four board games!!! For $8 all up! My hubby’s family are massive board game nuts, so I felt like one of the family picking out a few for when they come to visit. Three words, first word….

Once Mum and I regrouped, I realised that my bag o’ games was a little too heavy and cumbersome for moving on towards the bric-a-brac and so the lovely staff offered to mind my goodies for me. Bless.

The bric-a-brac section was pumping. It was so busy, it was an “excuse me, sorry, excuse me” shuffle type of situation. Again, the range is phenomenal.

Electricals (all checked by an approved electrician), crockery, craft, cutlery, glassware, photo frames, cane baskets, knick knacks – it’s all here.

Of course the collectable china called my name and I enjoyed picking out some really gorgeous vintage Burslem England bowls for my collection as well as a couple of good quality casserole dishes to fill with some hearty meals for my besties who have recently become proud new parents, and who I think might need be in need of a night or two of not having to consider “what’s for tea?”. I tell you, if you need anything for the home, this is the place.
Mum and I admired the vintage & retro glassware section although given my Mum’s penchant for smashing anything that is even remotely breakable, we decided not to hang around too long in this aisle haha. Mind you, I have shopping days like that, where I just knock everything off hangers, books off shelves etc, cups on floors….haha, it must be in the genes.

Again, the staff were really lovely, with a couple of L-platers manning the till and doing a damn fine job - given how busy they were.
Mum and I felt we had done enough damage at this op shop, and had the brilliant idea of taking everything back to the car, before we moved on to lunch,thankfully. Those board games, combined with casserole dishes, were bloody heavy. And a good cup of coffee beckoned, well it beckoned Mum at least, I can't stand the stuff. Diet coke anyone?!
Go For: Anything and everything!
Don't Go: When you only enough money left in the bank to pay your mortgage bill!

Good Sammys Store
142 High Street
Fremantle WA

Monday - Friday: 9-5.30pm / Saturday 9-5 / Sunday 12-4

I would just like to say a very big CONGRATULATIONS to my nearest and dearest friends Siobhain and Mick, who are now the proud parents of Luka Axford Burn. Welcome to the family, little man.

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Sealed With A Kiss - Good Sammys Fremantle Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop