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May the ground just open up.. again

It was a beautiful day. We have guests staying so we thought we'd head into town and take them to an ancient pub sheltered near the city walls. We went, drank fine ales, Pimms or lime and soda if you are me. The boys were playing well, we hadn't scared off too many people from sitting near to us. It was all panning out to be a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Then, obviously, they needed the loo. Not a problem, off we popped. 2 poos later and a quick stop for me (I'm pregnant after all, can't pass by a toilet without using it) and all was fine and dandy. We flushed toilets, washed hands, dried them and I led the boys out, smugly thinking about how well it was all going.

We skipped back to our table, past the tourist hordes admiring 'ye olde pubbe', past the hungry masses tucking into lunch, past local drinkers enjoying a cool drink. The boys, behind me, behaving like little angels, giggling sweetly.

Just as we got back to our table a lady came up to me, with obvious intent to say something. Thinking that she was going to say something nice about my children I positively glowed.

'um, just thought you should know that your skirt is tucked into your knickers at the back'.

What I really want to know is at what point did my 'angelic' children think that they might want to let Mummy know that she's flashing the wrong set of red cheeks at all and sundry?

embarrassment, and more:

May the ground just open up.. again + TIME