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Review: Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair

Remember how much I hate weaning? Now I've had to actually start the whole messy process I've had to address the issue of what to sit Sam in to actually feed him. The highchair the bigger boys had used had to go to the great high chair heaven in the sky when even I couldn't take the smell and griminess. The chair had endured two toddlers and I just couldn't get the chair clean, whatever I tried.

So when Fisher Price asked if I'd like to review their new easy clean high chair I jumped. And we like it.

It really is easy to clean. The straps a smooth and have rear adjustment so the food can't get irreversibly mushed into the strap. The cushion (with very sweet animal print) is wipe clean and amenable to a spray and wipe attack. But if that doesn't work, it is really easy to take the cushion off and bung it through the washing machine. This was my bugbear with our previous high chair. You needed to get the screw drivers out - which clearly ws never going to happen.

The tray is big and comes off (one handed) and there is a removable part which can be thrown into a dishwasher. In my view, it is a bit big to put into a dishwasher, but it is hardly difficult to wipe it down.

The bit I really like though is that it is suitable for babies that, like Sam, are not yet sitting. They are well cocooned and stable and with several different reclining positions it will grow with him. The chair is stable and with the rollers at the front it moves around very easily, which is something that I unexpectedly am really liking.

There are a few downsides worth noting. To get the stability of the chair, it does have a bit footprint which means that it takes up quite a bit of space. It does fold up neatly when it is put away, but no one is ever going to do that between every meal.

I'm also not a big fan of the tray. It is big, with plenty of room to spread food around but I find that I need to take it off completely every time I want to take Sam in or out of the chair, which is annoying.

Finally I find the straps a pain to put on. I'd like to be able to leave the shoulder straps more securely fastened to the waist straps so that I don't need to do it every time I put Sam in the chair.

But these points are minor. Overall the chair is a goodie and it still looks (and smells) clean and sparkly. It is retailing around £100 which seems good value especially as you probably won't have to throw it out because the grime is too ingrained to do anything else.

This is a sponsored post for which I received a Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair to review free of charge.

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Review: Fisher Price EZ Clean High Chair + review