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Golden Afternoon

My pal Bianca drove us to some 'new' opshops this morning, which was exciting, super fun and fruitful! The floral Willow tin above was actually found at a garage sale 2 weekends ago. It currently lives in the kitchen but I'm still not sure what I'd like to store in it yet (maybe cookie cutters?)

On our excursion I picked up a yellow plastic bowl which matches the larger orange one (our fruit bowl) purchased at a church secondhand sale last year. Also, a pair of orange and green plastic/glass cups for fruit juice, an orange container for misc craft supplies and a brown/white container for, you guessed it, craft supplies! The 10 National Geographic magazines are pre-1970 and I even found one from the 50s at the opshop near my house.

A super-size pot for rice, soup and pasta has been on our list for a long time since we scorched the bottom of our previous pot. Ever since then we have been cooking meals for two in a tiny saucepan. I have Bianca to thank for pointing this beauty out for me!

Every time a post office visit is in order Liam and I like to check out what's new in the charity store next door. Sometimes we buy discounted Reese's Pieces for $1. I liked that they colour coordinated with all my other finds today!

Other purchases today included a much-needed doona cover, 2 pillowcases and another plastic container, but this time for school snacks. If you'd like to see what Bianca found today you should head over here.

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Golden Afternoon + vintage