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Pastels, Pies and Birthday Wishes

I'm turning 23 in a week and am equal parts excited and neutral. Neutral simply because I have a full day of school complete with not one but two class presentations on my actual day of celebration. Bleh! Good thing I have lots to be excited about, however at present they mostly revolve around food:

* Liam and I plan to make a pecan pie and serve it with an abundance of icecream (at my special request)
* A few bottles of delicious apple cider will be consumed at some point

When people ask me what I want for my birthday, I never want to suggest anything (except that I know deep down in my heart I want to be stuffing my face with sticky sweet pecan pie and make this fact quickly known). Answering that question makes me feel like a bit of a brat. The funny thing is, I don't even really want to admit to myself what I want to personally treat myself to, and perhaps that has something to do with tomorrows plans to buy a complete range of gentle, vegan skincare that won't freak out my sensitive skin. It feels like a luxury that should be allocated as birthday-spending only, but when you think about it, it's an everyday item and the effects are long-term.

So in the spirit of thinking about things that would be nice to own, here is a visual guide to what is currently taking my fancy (but I insist this is not a wishlist!)


Not sure what it is about purple cardigans but I've kind of been pining for one ever since I saw this way-cute flower adorned one on The Velvettes blog. I'd probably have to add some novelty buttons like these, though!

Psychedelic Jelly Crystal earrings by Kate Rohde

I'm so crazy about Kate Rohde's current work available through Edition X. Creative crush! If these were mine I'd never take them off.

Security pattern paper bags from Present & Correct

Four things I like: Collecting. Stationery. Paper bags. Sending packages in the mail. Tick!

Sterling silver toasted sandwich studs by Victoria Mason

These earrings go without explanation!

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Pastels, Pies and Birthday Wishes + stationery