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Pink Stinks!

Having nothing but boys in this house, I don't pay too much attention to the pink aisle, beyond a passing occasional thought that there is a lot of pink around these days, I don't remember there being so much pink when I was young. Having not really thought about it I have kind of just assumed that feminism around young girls must have moved on, or at the very least remained the same as it was some (ahem) 40 years ago. Then I was being encouraged to set my sights high and take on any career I wanted. It was all within my grasp and I was encouraged to think that I could do anything.

Then came the day I decided to hunt down a different type of fancy dress for my boys. Much as I love a good Knights / Pirates / Cowboys afternoon, they do always end in some form of fight, so I wanted to look for a Doctors outfit envisaging hours spent nursing teddies back to health. Off I went to our local, very well known supermarket and what I saw blew my mind. It made me so angry I could hardly talk. There were Doctors outfits there alright. Excellent ones. Next to the Spiderman/Knights/Cowboys in the boys' Fancy Dress section.

In the girls' section? No Doctors outfits, just Nurses uniforms.

Is it just me who finds that incredibly offensive?

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