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Material Girl - Bassendean Salvos Op Shop Review

This little oppie gets better and better each time I pop in. On my first visit, I was a little disappointed only for the fact that I had been spoiled with Bessemer and Nallyware at the Vinnies across the road, and had not been able to continue my good luck at the Salvos. But since then it has never failed me (or I have never failed it?)!

Situated on Old Perth Road, this little Salvos is a gem for clothing. The racks are chockers, and with the exception of that first visit, I have always come home with a little goodie or two.

As you walk in you are greeted with bags, bags, bags! I have seen numerous (and awesomely priced) authentic Glomesh numbers mixed together with Bluebird, Jag, Sportsgirl and Guess. The wallets and clutches are dotted throughout this area too, and as I’d love to one day stumble upon a tooled leather wallet, I am happy to rummage through them. Don’t forget to check the display shelves above the counter and in the cabinets as some snazzy numbers are stashed here too.

The counter itself holds some lovely, pricier jewellery as well as some cheaper costume offerings too. I quite like to have a browse here as I move along to the shoes. Again, this is one area that I feel keeps improving each time I pay it a visit. I have seen some fabbo labels such as Sachi, Witchery, Converse, Betts in good condition as well as some cheaper labels that you could still get some serious wear out of.

I’ve tried on numerous Witchery ballet flats when I’ve been here, but I’m pretty sure I don’t quite need anymore just at this stage (ie hubby reads this) but at the end of last year I picked up a hot pair of red leather, Spanish made, calf length boots in amazing condition for $4.99. Bring on winter!

If you keep tracking along to your left you’ll come to the bric-a-brac/homewares section. The stuff here goes fast. Some things that I’ve seen and thought, I bet I see that when I come here again, are completely gone – in fact the whole section is fresh and new. It’s the place to come for glassware and generic crockery however; I’ve always come across some odds and sods that make wonderful additions to any kitchen.

Take for instance my latest egg cups (for 50c each), I just wish I’d taken the similar looking Surfers Paradise salt and pepper shakers! Again I’ve found Bessemer and Johnson for bargain prices along with collectable china items for less than $2. If you are a local to the area, I would advise visiting this section regularly to grab the good stuff first haha. Wait, what am I saying?!

Skirting around, you’ll come to a small, but packed, book selection (which always seems to be a man’s domain when I visit!) as well as the the kids/babies section. The kids section is small but definitely worth a look. The clothes are well priced and in good, clean condition.

Men have a good choice here, noticeably smaller than us ladies but I’ve seen some nice collared shirts for the business man, some vintage numbers (old skool Target stuff) and some surf/skate stuff too. I have picked out hubby a few items from here in my visits. Also available is a good pick of high vis wear too. I know this stuff goes like hotcakes at the oppie I work at, so if you need it and you see it, then buy it!

Right, onto the girls! First cab off the rank is the sale rack that hits you just before you start the regular selection. Unfortunately I don’t often get the opportunity to take part in the Salvos Monday Madness sales (hand picked racks of clothes for $2) so when I do see one, I’m all over it.

And as my visits to this particular oppie will occasionally see me there on a Monday, I make it a rummaging priority. I have always, yes always, come away with some fabulous vintage numbers which, with a little Napisan, come up better than ever. My latest visit scored me a Barry Joseph white and green polka dot number along with a retro 80’s grey “Flirt” skirt, for the princely sum of $2 each. Now, this must mean another rule, no?
Op Shop Rule No 35: Raid the (Sale) Racks!
One of the things I have learned during my oppie adventures is that not all sale racks hold the clothes that they just can’t get rid of. In fact it’s quite the opposite and so I’ve also learned that each sale rack deserves to be raided, for in amongst the odd 'blah 'number, there is always a piece of gold with your name on it (or occasionally the former owner's!). The Red Cross shops are always hosting sale racks, as are the Good Sammy’s and Salvos. Please, I beg you, don’t bypass them. And in saying that, this rule also includes hunting through any sale bins, shelves and drawers.

As you move along, it’s really just a “head down bum up” situation so you cover all the usual racks – skirts, tees, pants, jeans, shirts, dresses. But be sure to also look along the walls as well, as there is stuff to be found here too. Some offerings on these racks are possibly donated by the lovely local senior citizens of yonder, so caters well for the current lovely local senior citizens also. But these numbers are definitely for us vintage and retro inspired peeps too.

And of course there is a great selection of more current numbers so while you may be likely to come home with a Kenwall frock from the 70’s, you could just as easily come home with a Wish dress at the same time.

In general, I find the pricing at this Salvos op shop really great – from the bric-a-brac to the shoes and all in between. And thrifting in this area is always worth your while as you not only have the Salvos but you have the Vinnies across the road and St Mark’s Benefit Shop just a little further up the hill ,so you can really end up with a good haul. Do remember that the Salvos no longer provide bags for your goodies so either bring your own, or better yet, purchase one of their $1 canvas bags (the new black ones are huge!).
Tell me, do you raid the sale racks first or last when you visit an oppie?

K x
Come to this Salvos for: Clothes & Accessories plus a small selection of High Vis wear
Try another Salvos for: Furniture, Electrical & Manchester

Salvos Bassendean
22 Old Perth Road
Bassendean WA 6054

Open: Mon - Sat 9-5pm

My Haul:
"Barry Joseph" xx Dress $2
"Flirt" Skirt $2
Baby Sleeping Bag $1.99

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Material Girl - Bassendean Salvos Op Shop Review + you got that at an op shop