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Girl Scouts, Deer and Grape Fizzers

I scored some pretty fantastic items in the mail this week, like this stunning 'dirty green/mint' hued Brownie Tie from Book of Deer, who was brought to my attention by the ever-so-stylish Kelly White from Storybook Rabbit/Made By White.
The tie arrived just before I was ready to head out to the city in search of sketchbooks, pencils and a few not exactly essential but totally justified stationery items like clear plastic envelopes (for storing tiny cut outs for collage, I've decided!)

This explosion of fun, colourful trinkets (and grape fizzer, woooo!) was part of a lovely semi-surprise swap package including one of every zine ever made by Nat, who resides in Melbourne. (Thank you, Nat!!) The stickers are now tacked to my studio wall, and the confetti and pom poms is displayed in a recycled glass jar.

ha wan pao

As if all this wasn't exciting enough, our back issue copies of ha wan pao arrived! It is really nice to wake up early and read this over a fresh cup of stove top coffee (we currently purchase ours from Oxfam) and a piece of toast while the sun comes up.

Can't wait for the next issues...

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Girl Scouts, Deer and Grape Fizzers + TIME