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Anything, Anything - Jandakot Windsor Wiper Sales Op Shop Review

While chatting to the ladies at the RSPCA WA op shop they kindly let slip a little bit of local news; that an op shop of sorts is based in Jandakot. The thing was, they weren’t too sure what it was called other than “it’s something to do with windscreen wipers”. What the? As I eagerly jotted down any info they could give me, we deducted together that it was pretty well close to my home.


So taking a leaf out of hubby’s book, I hit Google as soon as I got home and found exactly what I was looking for. Yep, there was an op shop in Jandakot alright, yep it was just down the road from me and yep it was something to do with windscreen wipers! You see, the ladies had led me to a little place known as Windsor Wiper Sales and it’s an oppie raising money for the Paraplegic-Quadriplegic Association of WA.

I was off like a shot the next day!

Situated on Cutler Drive, you gotta keep your eyes out as you may drive past it. It’s not that it’s not signposted well but if you’re driving with thoughts of seeing an op shop sign, you might miss it. In a nutshell though, it will be on your left and the sign is green and white! And so seeing said sign, I pulled in to what looks like a ginormous warehouse with a cute little entry stating "Preloved Clothing".

Oh, I had struck gold alright.

As I walked down the hallway, I wondered what would greet me. This was a completely new, strange and exciting experience. The further I got down, the more I could see that looked to be like pallets and pallets of work-type clothing and material stacked on top of each other. Then I hit the op shop itself.

Wowsers. Where do I start?

What you are immediately greeted with is a wonderful giant warehouse of racks, shelves, trollies and baskets filled with stuff. I had no idea where to begin, it was all too much!! So, I decided to search the periphery first (ie the walls) and then save the clothes in the middle, til last.

To your immediate right is the handbag selection (and some great ones too) along with the change rooms. I went through the handbags quite thoroughly and came across a simple black number for $4 – and though it would serve as a good bag for holding my purchases too. Moving along are wall units and book cases and shelves featuring generic bric-a-brac, books, cd’s and dvd’s. This area is a bit like the rest of the store, a bit of a free-for-all, so it pays to lift and look under things.

I was quite impressed with the cd & dvd offerings, they were fairly current and I ended up coming home with a couple of dvd’s (Ferris Bueller anyone?). The books aren’t in any particular category, so again it’s about cocking your head to the right (or left!) and scanning the spines. I picked up myself a little biography on Queen Elizabeth I. I do love the Tudors.

Heading then to the back wall is a great rack of "fancy dress” clothes in which I found the cutest retro pink dress which I did take with me on my journey but ended up putting it back…it was just one of those things I thought I possibly wouldn’t wear, although now that I think about it! As well as the fancy dress there was actually a really nice selection of wedding dresses. Honestly, they were in really good condition and I recommend anyone looking for a dress to check here as well. On top of this, there is a huge selection of second hand ball gowns too for anyone in the market for these.

Next up is the kids stuff – toys, books, puzzles, games etc and at pretty reasonable prices. What I did notice is that the staff have attempted to check the toys requiring batteries and have marked those which have been checked and are in working order. Handy! Generally the toys are kept up on the shelves but I saw them being enjoyed by several littlies while I was there. I'm not really up on my toy labels I have to admit, but I did see some Fisher Price numbers there which I think are a decent and reliable label.

Again, the shoe section is a free-for-all and you gotta go through them one by one. To be honest there is a few to choose from and I certainly did see some good labels (Tony Bianco, Sachi, Urban Soul) but none grabbed my attention on this visit. Only a handlful are in well loved condition with the rest being in pretty good nick. While I was there, high heels and wedges were everywhere so I would highly recommend anyone needing a shoe top up, to visit this spot.

There are some higher end labels which if you don't find the other shoe for, don't despair as one may be behind the counter for you to collect if you are serious about purchasing them. I assume this is to negate theft, which is a great idea. However some of the cheaper offerings may still not have their mate with them and you may have to hunt for it – and it could be anywhere on the shelves. So, I’ll chuck in an op shop rule here:


As a young person, I developed a bit of a bad habit; if I dropped things or looked at things in a store, I didn’t bother to fix up/put back/notify staff. I just left it there in a state of disarray and moved on. My excuse was it was “someone’s job” to clean up after me. Not something I'm proud of I must admit.

However, with the wisdom of age, I find myself trying to be the most polite-est shopper I can be. And that includes in op shops. I know that oppies can be bursting at the seams and therefore order can sometimes be a little lacking, but it doesn’t mean if I pull something off the hanger, I’m not going to put it back. And I'm also not going to leave it on the floor, chucked over a random rack or hanging on the back of the change room door.

And now that I’m person who tidies up after customers in an oppie (some say this is called karma), I find it frustrating to watch customers do exactly as I used to do – and then walk away. Even when they see me watching them!! So, all I ask is that if you make a bit of a mess, try a little politeness and attempt to fix it up a little. It will make someone’s day.

Addendum: If you find it hard to believe (haha) that I could have been capable of such obnoxious behaviour, go ask my Mum! It use to mortify her!

Onto the clothes. There is a HEAP of clothing and it is CHOCKERS on each rack. They are in a semblance of category (ie dresses, jackets, tees, men’s work wear) however you will find a few out of place items dotted around the store which necessitates a good hunt of all clothing racks, regardless of whether you are keen on hunting in that particular area or not.

I found some awesome retro & vintage at this place, particularly dresses and coats. I picked myself out a couple of numbers (and laughed at a couple too) however surprisingly, I only ended up taking dress home. Oh but she is lovely! Another aspect I was taken with is some of the higher-end labels to be found (Saba, Barkins, FCUK, Paul Smith, Cue) on each rack. Some may have a label on them stating a higher price because of this, but you'll be able to easily tell the price as each label is colour-coded and the price is in nice big black texta.

As far as the pricing is concerned, I will admit, some of the pickings aren't the cheapest of oppies and you may be surprised by a few of the labels, but nonetheless bargains are still to be had.

Oh and another thing to be a little aware of is that the rows in between the racks aren’t built for any more than two people at a time, so you may need to get your squeeze on!

Men are catered for quite well, particularly with work wear as well as quite a good sampling of business suits, ties and shirts. There are a few racks with more casual wear and I did pick out some cool Quiksilver shorts for hubby for $4 which were in great condition and currently on high rotation in his wardrobe.

There’s a heap of clothing for the kiddies too and I noticed there were quite a few mummies scouring the racks with one arm, while the other was holding a mountain of finds.

So off to the change rooms I went with my loot and I decided that I had been a little over zealous with my pickings, so did a bit of a quick cull. I didn’t worry too much about putting things back – I only live down the road!

Over at the counter you’ll find some industrial type trollies filled with a jumble of haberdashery items including blankets and towels (curtains and sheets are hanging up near the bags). The counter itself holds some odds and ends such as jewellery, hates, purses, greeting cards, higher end shoes and tap shoes (yuh-huh) and you may need to ring the bell for a staff member to come and serve you – as they are busy in the other part of the warehouse sorting out the bulk stuff.

I also noticed a sign to the left of the counter stating that all items marked with a white tag are all for $1 - keep that one in mind!

So off I left with my little haul of goodies, not before checking out the cabinets in the hallway which house the odd china figurine and, I believe, may house collectibles when they come through. Probably lucky there wasn’t anything for me on this visit, I didn’t exactly have my hands free for more!

For a different op shopping experience I recommend you pay Windsor Wiper Sales a visit. I also recommend that you do heed Op Shop Rules 1, 3 & 17. Just so you are fully prepared for the experience. Oh and if you are keen on visiting on one of their dedicated $1 Day Sales, be sure to give them a buzz on 9417 8311.

Tell me, has your shopping style ‘grown up’ over the years?


Come For: Higher-end label treasures and everyday wear for all
Try Shenton Park For: Furniture & collectibles

Windsor Wiper Sales
Paraplegic-Quadriplegic Assoc of WA
52 Cutler Road
Jandakot WA

Open: Mon-Fri 8.30-3.30pm

My Haul:
Retro jumper $4
Nanna skirt $1
Quiksilver shorts $4
Rocksmith tee $4
Sussans jeans $5
Retro “Serali” dress $6
DVD’s x 2 $4
Book $2

On my latest visit to this oppie I was able to take a flyer home announcing Paraquad Industries "Scroungers Day" Garage Sale, being held at their premises in Shenton Park on Sunday March 17th. See you there!!

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Anything, Anything - Jandakot Windsor Wiper Sales Op Shop Review + windsor wiper sales