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Feelin' Fine

All images via Audrey Grace Boutique

Well, today was a little bit exciting! Had to get up early for my first day of the UniStart program, which gives you a bit of a helping hand in regards to structuring essays and such. The cool part was the fact that my boyfriend and I study at the same campus (well, I will be between two campuses) so we could hang out together.

After our first introductory day, I popped into the hairdresser to have quite a bit of hair lopped off after my DIY bleach fiasco. Boy do I feel much better now that it's all fixed up! I'm very happy to leave my hair alone forever now (save for fringe trims, which I usually do myself anyway. Even the hairdresser lady said I did a fairly good job of that!)

Something about today has me feeling exceptionally cheery. Perhaps it was the haircut, the nice chilly morning and walk to campus, the raw food bar I treated myself to, wearing my new teal tights for the first time or the fact that both breakfast and dinner was cooked for me. Whatever it is, I'm feelin' fine and I hope that it never wears off. Yet another thing to put a smile on my face was this fashion shoot I stumbled upon by Audrey Grace Boutique. I love the styling. I don't know what it is about mis-matched dressing and novelty items, perhaps it's just the near-dorkishness that gets me, but this is A+.

PS. Did you hear that Michel Gondry is releasing a new film?!

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