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Well, I coloured my hair some kind of mix between pink and orange on Friday. It's funny how sometimes it takes a drastic, impulsive change to realise that things actually weren't so bad before. I have learned that having natural brown hair is better for me, lifestyle wise and in fact, it's kinda nice!

Thinking about the money I would be spending regularly on up-keep makes me a little sad because I'd honestly much rather spend it on adventures, novelty socks, burgers and whiskey. I like having spare change for deceased estate sales, for late night Etsy shopping sprees and going-halvsies in things like synthesizers or veggie hot dogs.

To banish the boring hair days I've decided to 'allow' myself to buy cute hair clips, head scarves and nice hair ties. Here are a few I am currently eyeballing...

Un-Tourist Scarf by Emily McDowell

How amazing and clever is this range of scarves by Emily McDowell?! I especially adore the weaving cars that form the border.

Gorgeous! Sunday Stroll Scarf by Caitlin Shearer

Sometimes I try to fight girlishness but there is something about Caitlin Shearer's work that I'd be happy to make an exception for.

Scotty dog clip from Rosebud Cottage

I really, really want this hair clip. You have no idea.

Cake toppers from 30one
These vintage cake toppers would make really cute hair pins. How rad is the seal with his fancy collar? Oh and the girl on the blue horse - so splendid!

Miniature elephants from The Ugly Duckling 1962
Another DIY hair accessory idea for those keen to get their craft on. There are also mini mice, mini owls, mini everything! Small plastic trinkets bring me so much joy.

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