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Last week, I went to Flying Feet here in York to be fitted for a new pair of running sneakers. I found out that not only were my Nike's ridiculously old, they were also a size too big. No wonder I've been getting huge blisters! On top of that, the pair of Sauconys that I ordered months ago were an 8 1/2... I'm actually only a size 7 now. Whoops.


Anyway, I got a pair of Brooks Ghost 3's and I am in love. I wore them for the first time tonight with no goal other than just getting out and running, seeing how they fit, and getting my legs moving. I ended up putting in 5.45 miles with some good hill climbs and didn't blister, didn't rub, nothing. I love these shoes. I even jazzed them up with sparkly rainbow shoelaces. ;)

So, tonight I sat down and ordered new Zumba shoes and new trail runners. I spent too much money, but honestly for me, it's about having the right gear now. Now I know that I take this seriously - both the race training and my Zumba career, so I don't feel bad about sinking money into it if it means that I will be more successful in training and that I won't come home at night feeling like I'm going to fall over because my legs hurt so bad.

Besides, there's something super exciting about coming home from work and seeing that box sitting on the front porch... almost better than Christmas morning. ;)

Nike Air Pegasus+ 27 Trail
Loved these as running shoes. They were my second runner-up, right behind the Ghosts for my new shoes, but I thought I'd give Brooks a try. I'd been running in the Pegasus+ 26 for awhile and I loved them, so I'm hoping I love the trails just as much.

Nike Free XT Quick Fit+
For Zumba... no reason other than they look kick-ass. ;) (Oh, and I've read great things about them.)

(Can you tell that I have a love for Nike?)

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