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It's over!

I am SO excited to be back to my "real" life! I've spent the last few weeks studying for the bar exam. The only other role and title I kept was as a mom. Other than that, every other role and responsibility was either cut out completely or pushed far down the priority list.

Anyway, I'm glad the exam is over and so glad to be back!

I went out this weekend and took this picture of the fancy dessert bar, "dessertatorium":

It was so much fun to go out after 3 straight days of testing!

My goals (the ones that I post about) for this week are as follows:

Healthy Happiness

This is huge for me this week. I have not been running, or eating healthy for the last few weeks and need to get back on track. This week I will be running 3 times, 1 yoga class, and 1 Latin dance class. And increasing my water intake by at least 3 glasses a day.

Mom Missions

To be back and present in every moment with my little guy. These weeks of studying resulted in me not being mentally there all the time for him. So, this week I have planned a family run for us to do together and a board game night. I can't wait!

Lawyer Limits

To start out the month of March strong - and that means sticking to my daily goals at work, and not falling behind.

Academic Ambitions

To have my little guy finish his chapter book so we can start Harry Potter on our trip in March. Also, to get some books to learn about New York.

Lady of the House

To do some drawer and clothes organization, which has been neglected while I was studying. Also, to schedule our family Easter pictures!

I hope you had a great February!

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It's over! + running