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Be What You Be – Nulsen Haven Victoria Park Op Shop Review
Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

Nulsen Haven pays my wages. Well, not quite, but my work outsources payroll to them, so technically, they kinda do. So when I was exploring Victoria Park recently, the sign for Nulsen Haven’s Op Shoppe stood out enough for me to pull over and take a look.

Situated on the corner of Albany Highway and Kitchener Road (for you boozehounds; its right next door to the Balmoral), it could easily be missed as it’s a small little shop not quite in the heart of Vic Park. But it is damn cute and definitely worth a visit.

For those of you unaware, Nulsen Haven Op Shoppe is run by the Nulsen Ladies Auxillary and it aims to raise funds for the much needed services Nulsen run today - and that is as one of WA's leading disability services organisations which focuses on supporting people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

I guess on first glance, for those who aren’t so op shop friendly/savvy/aware, it may seem a bit old and dated. And I admit, even for my op shop eyes, I too was a little “judgey”. It is really just an old shop front filled with some really old stuff, but it’s good stuff – if you know what you are looking for.

Immediately as you enter, you are able to get a sense of what this op shop has to offer. It’s not big, and there isn’t a lot of what it has, but I like it. Even I tend to get a bit bamboozled when there’s lots to choose from, so this store is “just right” as far as the smaller guys go.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

To your left you’ll find the bric-a-brac section which offers some very basic stuff (ie not collectable) which I’m sure furnishes many a visitors, home. Moving right along you’ll find the next wall unit containing arts & crafts plus hats/jumpers/scarves etc. It is here folks, that I found my much needed apron. Straight from Nanna’s closet and for a whole $1!

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

Then you come to a wall of dresses. Now, when I say dresses, yes I came across the odd Ping Pong and Shila number, but what stands out is the amount of 80’s two piece designs. You know the ones – long pencil skirts, shoulder pads, in all kinds of fashionable shades. Now I’m not really on the hunt for a two piece suit at the moment, but I reckon anyone who is, is gonna hit paydirt here. I had a good fossick for a bit of a laugh, but alas did not end up picking anything off this particular rack.

Hidden beneath these gems are a few odds and ends such as speakers, picnic baskets and a suitcase full of dress up items. Too cute!

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review
Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

After this section, you hit the back of the store where the lovely auxillary ladies have set up a bench, kinda like a kitchen. You’ll find all your utensils here, along with your Tupperware, glassware, pots & pans.

Again, to quote St Vincent DePaul's op shop in Dallas, everything has been “gently used” but all very handy to those who need.

It was while I was poking around the back that I was able to listen in on the lovely ladies going about their day, chatting about upcoming Bali holidays, grand kiddies and which item they were gonna take home for themselves. It was really sweet grandma chatter which added to the cuteness of the store.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

So whilst they nattered away about the latest Millers item that had come in and caught their eye, I continued down the back. This brings you to some seriously old records (poor Kamahl, he’s really not a keeper in one’s collection these days) as well as pillows, doonas, tablecloths etc etc. Some of the cushions were nice (I’m always on the hunt for lounge cushions as my hubby tends to squish ours well out of proportion after a month or two of ‘watching-footy-on-the-lounge’) but I didn’t come away with any this time.

Situated in this section is also a tiny supply of shoes – with some of the more current styles hanging cleverly on an old magazine rack. I didn’t really see any shoes that took my fancy this time around, but the bags did – and so I came away with a $1 worth of Brown Sugar snakeskin clutch. Thank you very much!

Again there is a little selection of books, which seemed ok and at pretty cheap prices, along with a teeny selection of baby clothes. I had a quick rifle through these but unfortunately I came across a few too many items covered in apple sauce (at least I hope that’s what it was), to warrant me really getting stuck into it. But hey, again, for those in need.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

Now, there is a selection of men’s stuff and I did have a quick look, but again, I wasn’t too fussed given my track record with hubby-finds. From what I could see though, there were plenty of shirts, jumpers and jackets – possibly not from this decade, but a selection nonetheless. What I did concentrate on was the ladies section, featured in the middle of the store. It’s set up pretty cool actually, it’s just one continuous rack – so you just start at one end and make your way down. Much like the dresses, there was some great one off finds such as Cue, David Lawrence etc but the rest whilst good, was prolly dated between the 80’s-90’s.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

But given that, there is some awesomeness there – old school French Connection, old school Jag, Kath n Kim type knits and a few karate uniforms thrown in there too. And you may be thinking “good god” but I really REALLY enjoyed hunting through these offerings. I even came away with another nanna type blouse for $4 which I’m *hoping* I can modernise. I dare anyone to have a rifle through this stuff and not have a giggle or two and even come away with something to add to the wardrobe.

The pricing of this op shop is really great. I think the most I saw any piece of clothing was $5 – and that included a couple of leather jackets that could easily be worn with today’s fashion. I don’t think there is any particular rhyme or reason towards pricing (ie a K-mart blouse and a Witchery blouse may be the same price) but I think it’s good pricing all round.

Op Shop Rule No 11: Discount Discretion!

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

Personally, I’ve never thought to ask for a discount at an op shop. Not too sure why you would, as you are pretty much guaranteed to be paying below cost anyways. But obviously some don’t share the same thought process as me (and that’s ok…and probably good actually haha!) and have asked for a discount on many an occasion, and at many an op shop. So this is why you may see a sign up at your favourite – like Nulsen Haven – stating words to the effect of “don’t ask for discounts, our goods are already heavily discounted”. I know the sign at the Good Sammy’s in Freo states quite clearly where the money raised by the store goes – to people in need – so please bear that in mind if you feel like bartering. Hey, I know the old adage is “you’ll never know if you don’t ask”, but perhaps use your common sense, discretion and manners.

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

The counter of this little store holds all sorts of goodies from hand knitted booties for 50₵ to some neat old watches & jewellery. Oh, and no eftpos facilities – so be sure to have cash with you. So all in all I was pretty happy with my whole $6 spent although, having studied the front windows on my way out, I probably could have spent more….doh! Nevermind, as long as Nulsen Haven keep sorting out my pay, I’m happy to keep sending it back to them!

Kel x

Nulsen Haven Op Shop Victoria Park Review

Best For: Jackets/Coats, 80’s fashion
Try Somewhere Else: Babies/Kids

Nulsen Haven Op Shoppe

907 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park
Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm / Saturday 9am – 12noon

Did you know there is a website dedicated to helping you find your local charity bins? Talk about making donating easy! Simply head over to, pop in your postcode and let the site find your nearest. The site is also a gateway for charities to create awareness too - and it's free to register. Voila!

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